Supported and endorsed by the O’Hagan estate/family, www.jackohagan.com.au is the official web site of the legendary Australian composer Jack O’Hagan. The site is managed and maintained by Jo Gilbert, Jack’s granddaughter and biographer. Jo is a management consultant to the creative industries and contributed to the 2015 Adelaide Cabaret Festival’s Peter & Jack, a tribute to Peter Dawson and Jack O’Hagan, curated and narrated by Barry Humphries, with baritone Teddy Tahu Rhodes, soprano Greta Bradman, a cappella group The Idea of North and the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra.

Gilbert Projects Pty Ltd (GP) trading as Jack O’Hagan Music is the entity that manages all aspects of the Jack O’Hagan website. EMI Music Publishing (Sony-ATV) holds the copyright to most of Jack’s catalogue. Rights for all unpublished work belongs to the Gilbert family, owner of the Jack O’Hagan estate.

The copyright of images of Jack O’Hagan is owned by various entities, photographers or artists. Permission to use the images on this site has been sought and credited where possible. If you identify an uncredited image, please contact GP and the situation will be rectified.

GP intends to pursue innovative new product and venture opportunities with respect to the legendary composer`s name, likeness and work, as well as for the audio and visual content, which it will administer.

It is important to our family to preserve and honour the O’Hagan legacy. Jack’s music is iconic and enduring. He was one of the most important Australian pop culture figures of the early 20th century.