As a performer who could sing his own songs, Jack O’Hagan was first choice to be filmed in Frank Thring Senior’s Efftee Entertainers series on popular artists. The 7-minute film was made in 1931, as the support to the feature film ‘Diggers’. Jack sings a selection of his own compositions – Carry On, By the Big Blue Billabong, In Dreamy Araby, After the Dawn and Along the Road to Gundagai. This was the first and only time Jack performed on film and the only record of Jack singing his most famous composition, Gundagai.


Credit: Efftee Presents Jack O’Hagan Vocalist Composer, Efftee Entertainers, 1931.

On 28 January 1968, GTV 9 broadcast a three-minute film at prime time (8pm) nationwide, featuring Jack O’Hagan’s ‘God Bless Australia’, written to the tune of Waltzing Matilda as a contender for the Australian national anthem. The film was produced by Ampol Australia as a tribute to Australia Day and to Jack. It is introduced by Brian Henderson and reproduced here with permission from Caltex (Ampol) and Sony ATV (EMI Music Publishing).

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