The 7 June 2015 world premiere of Peter & Jack, a tribute to Australian music legends baritone Peter Dawson and songwriter Jack O’Hagan, was Barry Humphries’ signature show as artistic director of the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. Dawson was the most prolific recording artist of his time. He recorded Jack O’Hagan’s huge hit ‘Along the Road to Gundagai’ in 1931. The audience knew Australian standards ‘Where the Dog Sits on the Tuckerbox’ and ‘Our Don Bradman’ but were intrigued by many almost forgotten songs and stories which showcased Jack’s great talent. Narrator Barry Humphries, writer director Rodney Fisher and musical director Vanessa Scammel led baritone Teddy Tahu Rhodes, soprano Greta Bradman, a cappella group The Idea of North, the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and the Voice of Transition Choir. Jo Gilbert, Jack’s granddaughter and biographer, provided research and guidance in the development of the production, which received a standing ovation from an audience of around 2,000. As Barry said, ‘If Jack had been born in America, he would have been world famous’.

Credit: Peter & Jack program cover, Adelaide Cabaret Festival, 7 June 2015.

Credit: The audience, Peter & Jack, Adelaide Festival Centre 7 June 2015 - a full house.

Credit: Left to right, Jack’s grand daughters Janine Dauncey and Jo Gilbert, with Barry Humphries and Eve Gilbert, Jack’s great grand daughter.

Credit: The Idea of North with Jack’s family - left to right - Andrew Piper (bass), Naomi Crellin (alto), Jo Gilbert, Eve Gilbert, Sally Cameron (soprano), Nick Begbie (tenor) and Janine Dauncey.

Credit: The cast with Jack O’Hagan’s family - left to right - Andrew Piper, Greta Bradman, Naomi Crellin, Rodney Fisher (director), Jo Gilbert, Teddy Tahu Rhodes, Eve Gilbert, Sally Cameron, Janine Dauncey, Nick Begbie (kneeling) and Vanessa Scammell (musical director) seated.

Credit: The Cast and Directors - left to right - Andrew Piper, Naomi Crellin, Teddy Tahu Rhodes, Greta Bradman, Barry Humphries, Vanessa Scammell (musical director), Sally Cameron, Nick Begbie and Rodney Fisher (director).

Credit: Left to right - Jo Gilbert, Teddy Tahu Rhodes, Barry Humphries, Eve Gilbert, Janine Dauncey with Maori dancers.

Credit: Left to right - Zac Tyler (associate producer) and Teddy Tahu Rhodes with Maori dancers.

Credit: Teddy Tahu Rhodes and Barry Humphries with Maori Dancers.